SOURCE: "Our Family Heritage by Minnie Speer Boone, The American Historical Company, Inc, New York 1956

1-1 William Vestall, The first record of William Vestal in America was as the husband of Alice (Glover) Brunsden, dau. Of George and Alice Lamboll Glover of Ichingswell in the Parish of Kingsclere, County of Southhampton, England. She was married to John Brunsden, Oct 12, 1680 at Brumpton, County of Bucks, Pa. "The life of John Brundsden in the New World was brief but there is no certain date of his death." (Collections of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. Family Data. U-V) A highway laid out on Oct. 25, 1687 mentions Alice Brunsden's name in describing the highway. This would indicate the her husband was dead. John Brunsden left three children: John who died unmarried, Hannah who became the wife of John Buckingham, and Alice who married and had a child both of who died soon after.
William Vestal married the widow of John Brunsden sometime previous to 1692 for "Att Orphans Court held at Chester ye 1st 3rd day in ye 8th mo. 1692: William Vestall and his Relict of John Brunsden Deceased was called and appeared. The Court Required the said William Vestall to give security to the Court well and Truely to perform the Trust of Guardianship for the Children of the Deceased until he hath pased his accounts in oppen Court and be discharged according to Law which accordingly he did." (Col of Gen. Soc. Of Pa. Family Data U-V. P. 192)
"The records of the Brandywine Baptist Church show that Alice Vestall was babtised the 6th mo. 10th day 1697. Hannah Brunsden (her daughter) was baptised on the 8th mo. 30th day 1698 (Misc. Records of Brandywine Babtist Church. Original at Crozier Theological Seminary, Chester, PA.) Gilbert Cope, an authority on the records of the early Friendsstates, "They had probably been led away from the Friends Society by the defection of George Keith, whocaused much trouble in the Society of Friends."
"At a Court of Quarter Sessions held at Chester, PA., 12th of March 1994/5, several Constables were appointed for different townships. Among them William Vestal was appointed for Birmingham Township"
"At a Court of Common Pleas, 14th of March 1694. "A Deed Past Henry Hollingsworth Attorney for William Roe, to George Stroud Attorney for thomas Moore and William Vestall, for one hundred acres of land lying in Concord. The Deed bearing Datethe 12th Day of March 1694." This land was less than one mile eastward from the present Concord Station of the R.R> and is shown in the Smith's Atlas of Early Grants and Patents in Delaware County (formerly a part of Chester County.)"
" 'James Powell of Upper Providence', Chester County, and James Jacob of Philadelphia County, executors of John Loftus, of Philadelphia County, by deed of April 6th, 1696, conveyed to Richard Buffington and William Vestall of Chester County, husbandman, a tract of 216 acres on the east side of Brandywine Creek. By another Deed April 5th 1701/2 they conveyed to the same persons two tracts of 49 acres and 169 acres, adjoining the former purchase. In the division William Vestall appears to have kept the 49 acres and Richard Buffington the remainder.' (Col. of the Gen. Soc. of Pa. Family Data U-V p. 192)."
" ' Benjamin Mendenhall of Concord township executed articles of agreement Oct. 12 1699, to convey to William Vestall a tract of 125 acres adjoining the 49 acres lying on the east side of the Brandywine Creek at the forks thereof. William Vestall erected a dwelling and settled on this land. In his will made Jan 19, 1701/2 he is described as of Weston Township (now East Bradford township) and thereby devised his lands, 174 acreas to Alice his wife during her life then to his son William. He in turn was to give his brother george 30 pounds. To Mary his daughter he gave two mares, a cow, some colts, etc., when 21 years old. Will proved Feb. 26, 1701/2." (No.62 Abstract of Wills at Philadelphia Bk, K. Gen. Soc. of Pa. V 3 p. 248. Will Book on file at City Hall, Philadelphia)."
" A coroner's report to Court shows that Sarah, a child of William Vestal of Birmingham was drowned in a pond of Water 3rd mo. 3rd day, 1699. The report was made 8th mo. 4th day 1698. 'This Identure mad the six & Twentieth Day of the Month called March in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundrednine Between Benjamin Mendenhall of Concord in the County of Chester in the Province of Pensilvania yeom. of the one part and Alice Vestall of the Sd County of Chester Widdo $ Relict of William Vestall her Late husband Deceased and William Vestal of the Sd County of Chester yeom. one of the sons of Wm & Alice of the other part:' This recites the agreement between Benjamin Mendenhall and William Vestall and that the latter had built a house on the land and devised it to his wife and son William, to whomit is now confirmed by deed, being 125 acres.' (Deed Book C. p. 89. Chester County, Pa.). Issue of William and Alice Glover Vestal:
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