SOURCE: "Our Family Heritage by Minnie Speer Boone, The American Historical Company, Inc, New York 1956

Thomas Vestal, Born Sept 8, 1727 in Chester County, PA. On July 6, 1754 Thomas Vestal of New Garden and Elizabeth Davis of Cane Creek declared before the church their intentions to marry on September 7, 1754. Thomas Vestal produced a certificate to Cane Creek July 5, 1755 Thomas Vestal and family granted a certificate from Cane Creek to Deep river Monthly Meeting Aug. 4, 1787.
"Thomas and David Vestal went to Hillsboro to oppose Gov. Tyron."
"Thomas Vestal and William Vestal were active in political affairs."
"Thomas Vestal was overseer for Rocky River March 1, 1777. He attended Quarterly Meetings in 1771, 1776, 1784, 1787 and 1793."
Thomas Vestal died in Chatham County June 12, 1813. His will proved in August session of Court 1813. Excerpt from this will: "---I give unto Elizabeth my dear wife one pine chest, one feathbed and furniture, 2 pewter dishes, 2 pewter basins, half dozen pewter plates, tw pots, one oven, one spinning wheel, one frying pan, one mare saddle and bridle, two cows and calves, two sheep, hogs and fify pounds of money to be her own. And likewise I give her part of the plantation we live on with the privilege of the household furniture while a widow, and the land I now live on I leave between David and Silas vestal; that is, to have Silas's run forty rods from his north east corned, north the west fifty rods the north to the divide line, and have all the bottom on the east side of the Rocky River from one dividing line to the other to him and his heirs forever. The rest of my estate I leave to be equally divided among my ten children or to their heirs if dec'd. And I leave my close to equally divided among my sons and William is to have the Bible and the home."
Issue of Thomas and Elizabeth Davis Vestal:
(Dates of above births from Cane Creek Monthly Meeting Records. Dates of deaths of thomas and Elizabeth from the family Bible owned by Alfred Vestal).
Most of the data of the Vestal family contributed by Earl H. Davis of Long Beach, Calif.
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